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Blockchain EHR

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Electronic Health Record EHR Blockchain

Electronic Health Records Blockchains are being developed to solve a well-known problem in the medical field, interoperability. They use Blockchain Technology as a secure decentralized database to record, store and transfer dental records. It has been suggested that a Blockchain could be the solution to the well-known problems current EHR’s bring to the health industry.

What is an EHR?

An Electronic Health Record System is an electronic version of a patient’s medical history, that is maintained by the provider over time, and may include all of the key administrative clinical data relevant to that persons care under a particular provider.

Secured with Blockchain Technology

A blockchain with smart contract technology, the combination is well-known for being resistance to hacking. Simply explained, it means your confidential information will be stored in a tamper-proof place where records cannot be changed or removed and the only people who can see these records are people who you may do so. This also means that patients get easy access to their own records from anywhere at any time!

Patients should have control over their own health records, and they should also benefit from the potential value that they offer. Patients also need to be able to engage directly with the practice. The blockchain offers an anonymous place for patients to share reviews on procedures that were performed and signed for by the practitioner.

Introducing smart contracts to dental health

In the business world, Smart contract blockchains are a reliable way for parties to record an agreement on a set of a data, records, or transactions. They also allow a way to end the “trust factor” of dentists securing sensitive information properly.

The Dentix software solution works by uses the latest technology to confirm records using Smart Contract technology, then permanently records them to a distributed database. Anybody including patients can see these records because the blockchain is publicly supported, but each record is secured using advanced cryptography so that the identities stay anonymous. Altogether the platform creates a trustless interoperable database while ensuring the safety of private records.

Its decentralized properties offer a reliable place to confirm that all parties involved agree on a record and that it is a secure place for storing that record so that it cannot be altered or deleted.

Using the Proof of Stake system any record that enters the blockchain must be digitally signed then sent to the peer network of “miners” who then compare each reach consensus agreement of the network before it can be recorded. Miners on the blockchain must download a complete copy of its data and synchronization the data with a network of peers who agree on the blockchains state if integrity.

Solution to health record interoperability

The creation, holding, and transfer of complete and accurate records are necessary that every dentist is expected to fulfill. There is a popular demand for an efficient method of sharing relevant information between healthcare providers,  lack of interoperability has been a well-known problem for EHR systems, until now.

The Dentix EHR will solve this and many other problems for dentists and their patients. The global platform enables the secure transfer of patient charts within your network or to any clinic on the Dentix network.

Modular CDN and DNTX Payment system

It is equipped with a Modular CDN Platform that enables clinics to upgrade to a new custom scheduling system or integrate their existing systems into the CDN. The blockchain will also introduce a brand-new Cryptocurrency which can be earned, traded, and spent to pay for dental service.

Dentix will be offering a bonus incentive program for DNTX holders. The goal is not to compete with other cryptocurrencies, but to give solutions and support for the healthcare industry using the latest technology. Dentrix will use the new cryptocurrency to support the platform and to contribute to new developments in dental health blockchain technology.

The software will also provide a secure messaging platform for Doctor-Patient messaging systems via desktop and mobile apps, each device serves as its own messaging server. It uses true end-to-end encryption enabling a secure patient to provider communication. The makes it a safer and faster way to update information, send/receive notifications, and set appointments with reminders effortlessly!

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